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Pre-Designed Drawing Packages, Custom Design,

3D Modeling

by Davis B. Weigand, architect

I specialize, as an architect, in the design of Post and Beam homes and other post and beam, timber frame, and Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) building projects. I have been involved in a range of building and construction types since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1980 but for over twenty years I have been primarily working with timber frame building projects.


I can be involved in the design and drawing process to varying degrees depending on your specific needs or desires. Most often I am working with a client to develop an architectural drawing package.

                          A good set of architectural drawings is valuable in the bulding process: 


                        - for the resolution of design ideas

                        - for presentation for financing

                        - for obtaining accurate pricing from contractors and suppliers

                        - for submission for building permits

                        - as a document integral to accurate construction of a building project

 Please go to the Architectural Drawings section of this website to see an example of my typical set of architectural drawings.  

I have developed a number of Pre-Designed Drawing Packages that can be viewed in the Design Gallery section of this website. These designs can be used as is or the design can be customized.  Pre-designed drawing sets can be be important for people who are on a tight construction schedule and or budget as compared to designing a home from scratch. Using the plans as is or customizing one of the pre-designed home plans simplifies what can be an involved process and pays off in cost, time, and energy save. Please contact me for pricing for 'as is' or customized drawing packages.

Pre-designed Drawing Packages

I am also happy to work with you on a fully Custom Design. I can use the experience of helping hundreds of clients for over 20 years, in over 40 states and provinces, to work with you to develop a house design from scratch that is taylored specifically to your needs and desires that represents you in a configuration and style that is a perfect fit.     

Custom Design

Each home design, whether pre-designed or custom, is drawn as a 3D model that is then viewed in various ways to created the completed architectural drawing set. Three dimensional modeling is a powerful design/drawing tool because it allows for perspective viewing of a design which leads to better a understanding of the design which leads to more informed choices being made in the development of the design.      

3D Architectural Modeling

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