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Timber Frame House Plans & Custom Timber Frame Home Design

Timberworks Architecture specializes in the design of Energy Efficient, Timber Frame, Post & Beam, and Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) building structures at affordable costs.  Timberworks Design brings over 25 years of timber framing design experience, working with hundreds of clients in over 45 states and in all four Canadian provinces.

As Timber Frame Architects we offer several design approaches from pre-designed timber frame house plans to custom timber frame home design services that convey a direct reflection of your style and desires.  Our mission is to help you in the design process allowing for the inclusion and integration of green building components, functional and inspiring living spaces, aesthetically pleasing styling, and cost control.

Custom Timber Frame Home Design
3D Architectural Modeling

Each home design, whether pre-designed or custom, is presented throughout the whole design process in Three Dimensions.  Designing in 3D is a very powerful tool not only for us but as great way for you to better understand your project, equipping you with information needed to make informed decisions on a design that’s perfect for you.

Please Call Us. We would like to speak with you about your project.

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Independent Architectural Design Services

Many timber frame design services are part of a timber frame manufacturing company.  This means you need to commit to a specific timber frame company to some degree before you can start the design process, resulting in a loss of leverage when compairing companies. Our relationship with you is one that can be independent of any timber frame company, allowing you to contact multiple timber framers with a design in hand and to deal with each of them on an equal and informed basis.

Timber Frame House Plans | Custom Timber Frame Home Design
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